HYQVIA is indicated for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency (PI) in adults. HYQVIA is for subcutaneous use only. Safety and efficacy of chronic use of Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase in HYQVIA have not been established in conditions other than PI.

Dosing and administration

One monthly* dose.1
Flexible administration.1

Mary, a real HYQVIA patient.

*Every 3 or 4 weeks.

HYQVIA dosing information

HYQVIA [Immune Globulin Infusion 10% (Human) with Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase] comes in a dual vial unit—one vial of Immune Globulin Infusion 10% (Human) Solution [IG 10%] and one vial of Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase.1

The HYQVIA dose is based on the immune globulin (IG 10%) component, which provides the therapeutic effect. Dispersion and absorption of the 10% IG is facilitated by the Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase.1

HYQVIA initial monthly* dosing (following ramp-up) may vary depending on whether patients are switching from intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) treatment or conventional subcutaneous immune globulin (SCIG) treatment.1

*Every 3 or 4 weeks.

Patients switching from
IVIG treatment1

Same dose and
frequency of IVIG1

(after initial ramp-up)

Patients switching
from SCIG1

300 to 600 mg/kg
at 3 or 4 week intervals1

(after initial ramp-up)

Initial treatment and ramp-up schedule

Treatment with HYQVIA is initiated by gradually increasing the dose and decreasing the frequency from a 1-week dose to a 3- or 4-week dose. This ramp-up period allows patients to become familiar with the volumes required for a full 3- or 4-week treatment.1

Dosage during this ramp-up period is calculated by dividing the total 3- or 4-week therapeutic dose as shown below.1

The first dose of HYQVIA should be given approximately one week after the last infusion of their previous treatment.1

HyQvia Safety Information

Review the full safety information, including contraindications and specific warnings and precautions to take when prescribing and monitoring patients with HyQvia.

Learn more about safety

Ramp-up example for 30 g dose of HYQVIA with a 4-week treatment interval.1†

Ramp-up example for 30-g dose of HYQVIA with a 4-week treatment interval.

No infusion on week 3, week 5, or week 6.

For more comprehensive information on HYQVIA dosing, see Full Prescribing Information.

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