HYQVIA is indicated for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency (PI) in adults. HYQVIA is for subcutaneous use only. Safety and efficacy of chronic use of Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase in HYQVIA have not been established in conditions other than PI.

Infusion considerations

Proven PI treatment. Flexible administration.1,2

Old blue-capped and updated purple-capped HYQVIA vials and casing. Old blue-capped and updated purple-capped HYQVIA vials and casing.

Flexible administration Options.1

HYQVIA offers flexible administration options. Healthcare professionals can work with their patients to determine:

  • Either 1 or 2 infusion sites (A second site can be used at the discretion of the physician and patient based on tolerability and total volume.)
  • Infusion site location in either the abdomen or the thighs
  • Every 3 or 4-week treatment intervals
  • Infuse at home or in-center

Continue Reviewing Safety Information

Review Important Safety Information, including contraindications and specific warnings and precautions to take when prescribing and monitoring patients treated with HyQvia.

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Start with the right equipment

The Specialty Pharmacy will send out infusion equipment for infusing HYQVIA.
Below are some guidelines that may be helpful to understand.

Selecting infusion equipment

Capable of infusing a patient's dose at infusion rates up to 300 mL/h/site, titrate flow up or down, and is indicated for subcutaneous use.

Select a pump for administering HYQVIA that is1:

  • Indicated for subcutaneous use
  • Capable of infusing a patient's dose at infusion rates up to 300 mL/h/site
  • Able to titrate the flow rate up or down while part of a fully assembled administration system
  • Able to be set with maximum occlusion alarm setting at least 11.6 psi1
Subcutaneous needle set for administering HYQVIA and labeled for high flow rates (or low resistance), and can be either single or bifurcated

Select a subcutaneous needle set for administering HYQVIA that1:

  • Is 24 gauge and labeled for high flow rates (or low resistance)
  • Is either single or bifurcated, depending upon number of infusion sites
  • Has a needle positioned at a 90-degree angle
Additional equipment depends upon which pump method is used. Ensure equipment is compatible with selected infusion pump.

Potential additional equipment for administering HYQVIA1:

  • Additional equipment needed depends upon which pump method is selected
  • Make sure, where necessary, the equipment being selected is compatible with each other (eg, ensure syringes are compatible with syringe driver pump, and ensure pump tubing is compatible with peristaltic infusion pump and offers flow rates up to 300 mL/h/site)
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